Business development manager. Description of the position.

Business Development Manager, New Markets. The company was founded in 1980, is fully engaged in the development and integration of solutions for business and business management. Public and public domain. The company operates in Quebec from its offices in Quebec, Montreal, Sagen and Boisbrian. It is a subsidiary of a leader in the development of business solutions.

Description of the position. Accountability to the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Quebec City Office, Business Development Manager (New Markets) is primarily responsible for achieving the sales goals set for new and existing products developed by our sales and marketing team. business. Therefore, he is asked to determine the profile of our potential customers, to identify influential political forces, as well as the main players and decision makers. He must also plan and take the necessary steps to close sales. Finally, he manages business relationships with current and potential customers.

He coordinates and participates in administrative activities related to the signing of contracts, such as: tenders and contractual agreements. The required profile of a business development manager is entrepreneurial in nature and is characterized by perseverance, self-confidence, enthusiasm and the ability to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing environment, while maintaining a positive attitude.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the achievement of the annual goal by creating new sales opportunities;
  • Develop a strategic plan for entering new markets and implement it;
  • Identify potential customers and attract them
  • Manage the sales process by studying the problems and business goals of potential customers;
  • Present products and services and their benefits to potential customers and clients;
  • Learn about product innovations, competitors and market conditions and act accordingly;
  • Prepare sales contracts for orders received;
  • Collaborate with our development team to adapt or modify products to meet the needs of target markets;
  • Collaborate at all corporate events.

Professional requirements and skills.

  • Entrepreneurial type, strategic and result-oriented;
  • Good ability to prioritize different tasks and find solutions to problems;
  • Good ability to learn and learn a product and / or business domain;
  • Ability to develop a business;
  • Deep knowledge of products and potential competitors;
  • Skills in customer relations;
  • Available for travel in Canada and the USA;
  • Basic bilingualism.

Training and work experience.

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or equivalent. – A minimum of five (5) years of B2B sales experience. This position offers a challenging career in an innovative work environment, a competitive salary and a full range of benefits, including generous leave, group insurance covering medical and dental expenses, life and disability insurance. The masculine gender is used only to lighten text.

SUMMARY. Reporting to the Executive Director, the current development specialist acts as a catalyst in the business community to identify opportunities for economic investment. He is responsible for facilitating and promoting commercial and industrial economic development in order to expand the base.


  • Strengthening the economic structure by attracting investment and finding ways of economic development aimed at attracting new or additional types of economic activity to the territory.
  • Manage business and institutional clients, implement monitoring tools, as well as computerized tools for managing customer relationship management (CRM) of the organization.
  • Achieve the goals of the strategic plan regarding the sale of land, as well as related activities.
  • Implement the implementation of a database of companies and enterprises in the territory for their distribution, as well as targeted opportunities for finding customers.
  • Conduct economic studies and reports to better identify economic opportunities.
  • Lead the development and implementation of land use strategies for economic development.
  • Lead any promoter, entrepreneur and individual in their investment development project, direct them to the appropriate resources, inform them of the available public and private assistance, assist them in their efforts, facilitate the implementation of projects, negotiate contracts and follow the approval process municipalities.
  • Provide advice to various municipal departments on issues related to economic impact and trends in accordance with development prospects.
  • Prepare and submit files and give advice to the board.
  • Work with various partners and stakeholders at the local, provincial, and federal levels in industrial and business business relationships to stimulate the local economy and generate innovative projects.
  • Identify, coordinate and attend targeted business events within the framework of economic groups (agencies, boards of directors, committees, working groups and others) at the local, regional, provincial and national levels to stimulate the economic interests of the municipality.
  • Ensure compliance with local, provincial, and federal rules for economic development.
  • Perform other related duties.