Director of business development. Description of the position

The Director of Business Development develops innovative marketing strategies and products so that their customers stand out and develop. Thanks to a unique partnership approach, his company strives to become the most famous, trustworthy, strong and most valuable agency in its field.

Description of the functions of a development specialist. Reporting directly to the President, the director of business development will occupy a strategic place in the development of the company’s business to realize his vision. Resourceful, organized, friendly and efficient are your main personality traits: we want to meet you!

Keywords: business development, customer relationships, efficiency, bonus, success, evolution, growth, tourism, leisure, entertainment.

Perceived qualities:

– You are passionate about the problems of the tourism, leisure and entertainment industries;

– You conduct a business analysis of the business realities of your customers to adapt your approach and thereby contribute to their success;

– You make the necessary efforts to develop your potential customers in the sales funnel of your CRM until the sale is completed;

– You are happy when a potential customer becomes a new customer, but you always want to exceed your goals more;

– You are not afraid of the “no” received by the potential client, but you are trying to understand the essence of his decision in order to find out when you can turn the wind in your favor;

– You use LinkedIn effectively to develop and maintain your network of contacts;

– You have a sales base in the relevant field (marketing and communication is an asset);

– You are happy to switch to the multitasking mode, but you know how to separate them according to their urgency and importance;

– You put listening to customer needs long before applying for a priority list.

Key responsibilities:

– Search for new customers;

– Understand customer needs

– Assess prospects

– Negotiate and draft agreements

– Complete sales;

– Participate in sales presentations to clients;

– Lead and participate in the tender;

– Participate in business development activities;

– Manage customer relationships throughout the sales cycle;

– Keep information in CRM;

– Ensuring customer satisfaction, in particular by sending research satisfaction;

– Work together with all other team members throughout the project’s sales cycle;

– Participate in the development and implementation of a sales and marketing plan;

– Any other tasks that may accelerate business growth.

Knowledge and experience:

– Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field (communication, marketing – asset)

– 3 years of relevant experience in the sale of services;

– 3 years of relevant customer experience;

– Knowledge of the tourism industry (asset)

– Knowledge of spoken and written French

– Good knowledge of English (advantage)

– Driving license class 5.


The Business Development Director reporting to the General Director will perform the following main tasks:

– Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate market development activities and the promotion of products and services offered by the company by targeting the market and business opportunities;

– Supervise and control the preparation of proposals and tenders, as well as the acceptance of responsibility for projects, ensuring compliance with contract conditions, customer needs and company norms and goals;

– work in close collaboration with senior management in the short, medium and long-term planning of the company;

– create distribution networks for products and services, conduct marketing research and analyze their results;

– participate in product development, manage and evaluate marketing strategies;

– monitor business relationships with companies, governments and other organizations;

– monitor and control the design, development and updating of the website to manage the company’s presence on the Internet and social networks, including public relations, communications and commercial activities;

– participate in the evaluation of communication and marketing plans;

– actively participate in corporate events, industry fairs and corporate meetings;

– participate in negotiations with customers;

– ensure customer satisfaction throughout his business cooperation with the company, as well as after-sales service;

– Perform any other related tasks.